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110 Lombard Street - A Gem in Toronto’s Rich History

A building born of a time none of us will ever personally know, 110 Lombard Street

represents the rich history of Toronto city life spanning over 130 years. The Toronto skyline has changed dramatically in this time and although the property now co-exists with modern structures, what hasn’t changed is the stature of this striking, character-filled building in the upmarket St. Lawrence neighborhood, nor its ability to serve whichever diverse purpose it was needed for across the decades.

The imposing Romanesque architecture was once commonplace throughout medieval Europe, inspired by the rulers, crusades and castles of the time to dominate the landscape and stand assertively against enemies. Typically featuring tall, square towers, distinctive arched entrances and windows and broad, ornate stonework; these buildings, just like 110 Lombard, achieve both dominance and inspiration wherever they are.

Lombard Street started out life as an 1886 firehall and although the exterior remains as bold as it was back then, the interior contrasts hugely to what it once was. Three storeys have been carefully opened up and enhanced inside to accommodate contemporary communities. The three large, red arched doorways that once led way to a garage have been replaced by full glass windows, allowing light to flow through the open space and the false ceilings and small, dark corners have given way to more characteristic features and exposed ducting to return the property to its former glory and give it a surprisingly modern, urban vibe.

If only walls could talk, we might get a sense of the eclectic groups of society the property has welcomed over the years, the people that passed through being as much a part of its vibrant past as the practicalities of the space. You don’t have to wander far up and down the wide nineteenth century staircase however to imagine the big personalities of those that once walked around or started their careers here whether that be heroic firefighters, actors and comedy greats that were spearheaded to fame by the international theater ‘The Second City’ company once located here, or of course, the aspiring cosmetologists that come to learn and hone their craft today.

The fascinating history of 110 Lombard Street lies mostly in its people and purpose and as the community surrounding it grows, there’s endless potential for more history to be made here. Ideally situated just north of lively St. Lawrence Market, a hub for residents, students and tourists alike, the property is in prime position in the old town, surrounded by existing and upcoming boutique developments including the Residences on Lombard and the 59-storey, mixed-use, vertical urban village planned for 100 Lombard. The transit stop conveniently located a few minutes walk away at Queen St East and Church completes the package for those seeking their next investment downtown.

There are very few of these remaining historical landmarks in the city and the opportunity to continue its story, likely comes along once in a lifetime if you’re lucky.

Reach out to David or Greg at Private Capital Group for more information or to schedule an early showing of this exclusive listing at 110 Lombard Street.

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